This morning, my pretty wife and I headed out to go to Union to be with family. We were going to worship with the good people at Union and then hang around for Fulton family reunion. As I was driving through town I thought the car was driving funny but assumed that it was just poor roads. We made it all the way across town and began to accelerate and the car began to vibrate terribly. I pulled into a parking lot thinking I had a flat tire. As I walked around the car, no tires were flat but I did notice the smell of hot brakes. I knew that there was no way that we could continue on our journey. We turned around and slooooowly made our way home. When we got home the rim and wheel were very, very hot. My brakes were hanging up. At this point I am not sure what is causing it but it is a problem. It got me to thinking about brakes. Now, on any vehicle you need brakes in order to keep the vehicle from running into things, from going too fast, and to help avoid danger. But, when the brakes stick you have a real problem. You cannot go anywhere. Things begin to overheat, it takes a lot more fuel to just move, and you just don’t get anywhere. You need to keep the balance on the brakes.
I have witnessed a lot of churches that have a braking problem. Some have taken the brakes off and thrown off all restraint. To them, it is all about going without any thought to the danger of not having brakes. Many have run clear off course because they have begun going too fast and there is no way to course correct. They are running out of control. Some have let off the brakes and have begun to just run into things and people are hurt. Not having brakes in the church is a real danger.
On the other hand when the brakes get set and never released nothing moves. I have found some churches that all they are about is sitting still. They do not want to move on any issue. If there is any forward movement in the church it takes a great deal of energy and usually there is so much friction that things become heated. This is not the answer either. If all the leadership of the church is saying is “NO” then there is a problem as well.
We must keep a balance. God help us to remember that we must not throw off all restraint but we must temper any progress with prayer and thoughtfulness. Neither are we moving forward if we just lock things down. God keep us balanced.

Executive Committee

David Fulton
Yearly Meeting Superintendent

Joe Cassady

Jonathan Edwards

Stephen Enyart


Daniel Edwards
Yearly Meeting Treasurer