John Myers
Missionary Superintendent


The work was started in 1919 by some young ladies from Union Bible Seminary who were inspired by a lady Named Ella Briles.
The work grew as more and more young people got the vision and began appling to go. To name a few of the early missionaries were Paul and Mary (Barnard) Enyart, Pauline (Macy) Schwartz, Mattie Marca, Fred and Edith Lee, Alva and Mable Hinshaw, Perry and Bernice Rich, Samuel and Gladys Smith, Walter and Emma Langston, Imogene Hendrickson, Emma Canaday. These were followed by another generation such as Joe and Grace Merrill, James and Grace Fulton, James and Eunice McBryant, Bruce and Alma Johnson, David and Connie Miller and Steven and Jenny Gardner. Of these many have gone on to their eternal reward and others are still in Christian service. At the present there is no missionary presence on the field. Joseph Enyart as field representative to Bolivia goes yearly at their Annual Conference time to assist them and also channels offerings for the field.
The work is still growing under the national leadership. They are refurbashing many of the old buildings especially in Coroico and thye have a large tabernacle in the Los Altos area in LaPaz.